Month: April 2018

Seal Replacement Video

Cornell's new instructional video explains how to replace a seal on a pump with a threaded impeller.对肥料有用,as well as some industrial and mining applications,该视频可以与康奈尔大学Pump YouTube频道上的许多其他教学视频一起观看。We cover a range of topics,from replacing…阅读更多


康奈尔自吸泵取代了番茄加工厂的电动潜水器。The pumps are used in the trash wash phase,番茄在加工前被清洗过的地方。这条废水带着树叶,砂砾,污垢;茎,以及其他材料。The electric submersibles were unreliable,经常失败,and backing up the wastewater into the…阅读更多

Cornell Pump in Kentucky

康奈尔泵,与我们的经销商Endesol合作,is in Lexington,肯塔基州一所地区性的抽水学校。今天,数十名工程师和供水运营商正在学习市政应用。为了看到更多的学校课程,九月份去我们一年一度的水泵学校看看。


康奈尔水泵有新的,illuminated signs on our building.Featuring the Cornell Pump logo,公司名称,以及设计高效的标记线,the new signs replace signs that had been installed when Cornell moved into the building in 1999.标志在夜晚用光晕发光二极管发光,making Cornell Pump more noticeable and easier to…阅读更多