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CharateCore Global.

CharalateCore Global适用于试图掌握气候变化如何影响范围广泛关注的企业,市政当局和其他组织。图片由木星智力提供

This article was adapted from Climate Tech Weekly,a free newsletter focused on climate technologies

The field of climate risk analytics and intelligence is getting more crowded. Last week, one of the oldest weather forecasting services in the U.S., AccuWeather, introduced its own take on these sorts of services,高潮风险缓解

与此空间中的其他产品一样,高潮旨在为企业,市政当局和其他组织进行抓住,这些组织正在掌握气候变化如何影响广泛的担忧 - 从人类健康和安全考虑到物理基础设施,包括建筑物,桥梁等待链弹性。

The idea is that businesses or government agencies can use climate risk services to get a sense of the dangers to existing infrastructure from many climate threats including temperature fluctuations, wind and wildfire conditions, water shortages and quality, floods and so on. They could also be useful for assessing the viability of infrastructure plans or development project proposals, based on the proposed location.


Here’s the requisite statement from the AccuWeather executive in charge of selling the new service, Paul Bridge: "The catastrophic impacts of climate change represent multiple threads to our way of life and will dramatically alter business models, stakeholder expectations and performance for the foreseeable future. Now more than ever, businesses are focused on that risk, as are their employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders, but most lack the expert insight required to interpret that risk on their business and activities or even know where to start."


我预测AccuWeather将遇到大量竞争来自尊重的创业企业 - 最着名的内容包括木星智力andGro Intelligence- 以及S&P Global和Moody等大型ESG评级服务中的最大值,这一直以愤怒的节奏捕捉小公司。例如,标准普尔,购买了五岁的北卡罗来纳州启动The Climate Servicein early January.

Jupiter, based in San Mateo, California, markets itself as the "global leader in climate analytics for resilience and risk management." And it definitely has picked up some pretty impressive customers.

当时的C系列融资5400万美元October — it has raised $100 million in total — Jupiter had more than 30 accounts, including government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. It doesn’t name many of its business clients, although they include Hawaiian Electric, ConEdison, Liberty Insurance, Zurich Insurance Group and MS&AD Insurance Group. There are also a number of other Fortune 2000 companies in the mix including top banks, accounting firms, a top pharmaceutical organization and a global chemical company, according to Jupiter CEO Rich Sorkin.

公司可以使用木星的旗舰气候核,以考虑Sorkin称之为“气候污染”的身体影响。其基于云的服务总共涵盖了41个度量 - 以及订阅的人可以访问从政府数据库,卫星观察和其他来源和模型收集的超过150万亿的数据字段。Sorkin说,订阅定价从25,000美元到千万美元合同的范围。“让事情得到正确的事情,”他说。

According to Sorkin, Jupiter is seeing a big uptick in interest. In January, it expanded the "peril metrics" that ClimateScore Global covers to include ones that predict physical risk associated with extreme cold and local water stresses. The former, for example, predicts the number of days that a region might expect to encounter days below 0 degrees Celsius and minus-10C. The latter quantifies the ratio of demand for water compared with supply over time. Both metrics were requested by existing and potential customers. Generally, the company considers data related to "really economically significant issues that have profound implications on average people."

这些添加的一个灵感是Texas cold snap and electric grid failurelast February. "Since that happened, most power companies have begun asking about extreme heat and extreme cold in a different way," Sorkin told me when we chatted last week. He also expects the new metrics to be particularly appealing for electronics companies and food and beverage businesses, both on Jupiter’s list of industries in which it would like to see customer expansion.


观看的另一个发展是2021年底制作的誓言木星为欠缺的国家和社区提供“几乎或不成本”的数据,这些国家和社区从气候变化中失去最大。它与之合作的第一个非政府组织是Adrienne Arsht-rockefeller基金会弹性中心,它将通过它提供服务首席热门官员在弗里敦(塞拉利昂),雅典和迈阿密。目标是通过2023年底至少有20个额外的非政府组织关系达到世界上20%的人口。

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